Dot the bunny

Cruelty Free always.

Every year millions of animals are used and killed in the name of testing products for human purpose, it’s hard to hear, and to accept as normal practice, but it’s the sad truth. Buying Cruelty Free products can help stop this practice in the cosmetic industry.

I always use cruelty free brands, in my work and in my home, it is a very strong belief of mine that no animals should suffer for a humans aesthetics.

If we all support brands who choose not to test on animals, our consumer powers will mean all the brands will follow. There are some amazing brands who don’t need to test on animals to make brilliant products, often better, as these companies tend to use plant-based ingredients over synthetics, which our body’s generally favour, so to put it simply; the process of animal testing in the cosmetic industry is completely unnecessary, and there is the possibility of change.

Its quite easy to find out if your brand of choice does the right thing, head to Cruelty Free Kitty, or Ethical Elephant and you can do a search, and if they aren’t doing the right thing, take your buying power elsewhere.

I take time and have tried out many products over the years to get the best, cruelty free products in my kit. And I can also direct you to the best haircare on the lead up to you wedding with these principles in mind, something I would be very happy to discuss at the time of your trial.